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Episode 271 – Rubbin’ Williams

Dan and Jay discuss a sketch where Jay does an ad for cat carriers. Then they play with AI some more.

Jason’s next book, We’re Not Worthy, is the history of 90s TV sketch comedy, and is released September 12 from 1984 Publishing. You can pre-order now at!

This week’s episode brought to you by Epic Grindshoes!

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Visit the Dan and Jay History Timeline at

The ever-growing Dan and Jay’s Comedy Hour archive contains, among other things, an expanding timeline of the group’s history, which can be found at  The timeline goes back to even before the previously-acknowledged beginnings of the group.  The podcast itself has been of immense help in adding to this timeline, given the hosts’ regular explorations of new archival information on the show.  While some information is incomplete or not yet included, our regular delvings into the archives will be cause to update it, especially as the podcast continues.


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Dan and Jay’s Product Reviews – THX Onyx

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Episode 114 – Through A Scanner Dustly

This week, Dan and Jay discuss a bunch of photos Jay took in 2001 or so of Dan as a WWII soldier.

Jay’s first documentary film, Lords of Soaptown, is out on DVD! Order now at!

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Dan Will Be on ViVisectView KRBX this Friday at ~11AM MST

With today’s release of Ho, Christmas Tree on CD, Dan has decided to bless Boise radio with his presence this Friday to talk with Thomas Paul and Gabe Zawaideh of V3 about the album and it’s world-record-holding status.  It’s going to be fun and excitement, so tune in at around 11 AM MST (Moon Standard Time) to 93.5FM (downtown Boise), 89.9FM (greater Treasure Valley), or stream at!

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The Ho, Christmas Tree CD Will Be Released December 16!

Ho, Christmas Tree - Back Cover

Thanks to everyone who’s downloaded the album or bought the smallest comedy album in the world.  We wanted to take up this space on your screen to announce that the CD is coming out next week, Tuesday, December 16th!  It includes all 20 tracks and full-color art in one of those jewel cases you might just throw away (we recommend repurposing them as pill containers or as an inconveniently-thin gelatin mold).  The first 10 people to e-mail us a copy of their receipt will get a Toeloflex™ Band in the mail along with some weird personalized thing.  When you get your CD, e-mail jay AT danandjay DOT com.

As a reminder, you can download the digital album for free at:


Thanks and Merry War on Christmas,
Dan and Jay

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A Note on Ho, Christmas Tree

A quick thank you for all the kind responses we’ve gotten over the last almost week since the release of Ho, Christmas Tree!  A quick note that pretty much everything we released about the first physical copy was inaccurate in one way – the sleeves are 1.7cm, not 1.2cm, squared.  One typo stuck in Jay’s brain, and then the misinformation came out like a one-man game of telephone.  That said, it remains THE SMALLEST COMEDY ALBUM IN HISTORY, and anyone who has already purchased a copy has been offered a refund (with no one yet taking us up on the offer).

Any questions?  Let us know!  And let us know what you think!

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Ho, Christmas Tree Now Available for Free Download!

Ho, Christmas Tree - Album Cover - 750px

Dan and Jay are proud to bring you their first comedy album in 13 years – Ho, Christmas Tree!

Download the album for free here:

And order your copies of the smallest comedy album in history, with a sleeve at 1.2cm squared, at

– Dan & Jay

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The Album Art Draft for Our Upcoming Christmas Sketch Album

Ho, Christmas Tree - Album Cover - Draft 3

Ho, Christmas Tree!, our upcoming Christmas sketch comedy album (our first in almost 15 y ears), will come to you as a free download the week of Thanksgiving, and the physical CD (reasonably priced) will be released shortly thereafter from StolenDress Entertainment.  Here’s some draft art for the cover.  Voice talent names will appear on the tree.

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filmatographicThis will make sense in the coming weeks.  In the meantime, enjoy the word that Dan invented.