Ho! for the Holidays (2019) It’s our first public cassette release! Enjoy sixteen years of Christmas sketches from Dan and Jay’s Comedy Hour on one red (or one possibly slightly magenta) cassette tape, that in NO WAY originally contained a Disney cassette of any kind. Comes with a download of all nine tracks and SIX digital bonus tracks!
  Ho! for the Holidays (2017) Dan and Jay squeaked this album into 2017 at the absolute last moment, using unfinished tracks from their 2003 (and 2004) album I’ll Be Ho for Christmas, and creating two new Christmas songs. The album can be downloaded for free at bit.ly/hofortheholidays and you can support Dan and Jay by buying the single The Christmas Band here.
  Shoestrings: 16th Anniversary (2017) In 2001, Dan & Jay’s Comedy Hour (Dan Gomiller and Jason Klamm) released their first comedy album, Shoestrings, on the burgeoning MP3.com. Written and recorded in Laurens and Oneonta, New York, Shoestrings was the only sketch comedy album released that year that was written and recorded in Upstate New York. We assume.

In 2017, as the album celebrates its Sweet 16, Celery Sound Records have re-released Shoestrings, featuring tracks from Jenny Is A Slute and one of Dan and Jay’s privately-released Christmas albums.

  Let It Ho! (2016, private release) Dan and Jay’s 7th Christmas Release (more of an enhanced EP) featured their first Christmas single, The Christmas Band, as well as some hitherto-unreleased items.
  Vinyl Dwarf (2016) Dan and Jay’s Comedy Hour teamed up with Michael Dixon of People in a Position to Know to create the world’s smallest comedy record. At 1.5″ in diameter, only one test-pressing made it to the workable stage to be played on the custom plinth created for this world record.
  Ho, Christmas Tree! (November 25, 2014) In 2014, Dan and Jay released their first new comedy album in 13 years, as well as their first publicly-available Christmas album.  You can buy the download here from Celery Sound Records.

It’s also available for purchase as the SMALLEST COMEDY ALBUM IN HISTORY, with a sleeve of 1.7cm squared, with the album and extras on a MicroSD card.

The Best Hos of All (2012, private release) This compilation of Christmas album best-ofs also contained an original sketch or two, as well as numerous interstitials and Christmas wishes.
  >I’ll Be Ho For Christmas (2003/2004, private release, incomplete**) In 2004, Jay released a limited Christmas comedy album, only a few tracks long (that he had tried to release in 2003).  It’s more notable for the cover.
**Update: the album has been re-compiled, with many missing sketches fully-edited, as Ho! for the Holidays (2017), which can be downloaded at bit.ly/hofortheholidays.
It’s the Perfect Time of Year For a Ho (2002, private release) In 2002, another Christmas album. The cover features Jay, Dan and Jay’s sister Ren, with special appearances by friend of the group Chad Newman, and Gudolph, the Copyright-Safe Reindeer.
  Jenny Is a Slute (2002, planned release, incomplete) Right after Shoestrings was released, Dan and Jay made plans and wrote copious sketches for a planned second album.  The title comes from something they saw scrawled on a bench (the same bench as on the cover) at an elementary school.
Dan Gomiller: Man of Juicy Texture (2001, private release) For Dan’s 22nd birthday, Jay created a comedy album for him.
Dannel Gomiller’s Post 4th of July CD Part II: Thanksgiving (2001, private release) Dan shortly followed up his 4th of July CD with a Thanksgiving-themed album featuring more original sketches and karaoke.
  Dannel Gomiller’s Post 4th of July CD (2001, private release) In 2001, Jay moved to Chicago and Dan sent a care package of this CD, containing custom sketches, as well as numerous karaoke-singings.
Dan and Jay’s Comedy? Hour Presents: Follow That Ho (2001, private release) The second Christmas album continued the tradition, and introduced us to a read-along section of the album featuring Pokeweed, a racist children’s book character (for a reason, not just LOL-so-random, as the kids don’t say anymore).
Shoestrings: The Demo (2001) Dan and Jay’s first album release saw a number of surreal ideas come to life. Dan and Jay created all their own sound effects, entirely with a stalk of celery.  Even a jet plane.  Astounding.  Actually, shortly thereafter, the album was used to teach students at SUNY Oneonta about low-budget sound design and editing.
  This Ho! Is (The Next Ho’s) On Us (2000, private release) In 2000, Dan and Jay entered the realm of digital audio simply because Dan owned a CD burner.  Jay and Dan put together some new sketches and began a Christmas tradition, which included sketches featuring Santa and The Elves.
Dan and Jay’s Komedy? Hour: Greatest Hits (1994, cassette-only private release) Later in 1993, Dan and Jay began creating their own characters and stealing some classics.  Dan then compiled one or two tapes into a “Greatest Hits” compilation, which is the only reason any of those sketches survive.
The Headcleaners (1993, cassette-only private release) Dan and Jay’s first experiments were on a tape they labeled “Head Cleaner,” featuring two stupid hosts whose “catch phrase” was “we really suck.”  Yep.

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