Episode 47 – Mustard, Inc.


This week, the hilarious Allen Rueckert joins us to discuss our first feature film, “Looking Forward.”  While it doesn’t say “Dan and Jay’s Comedy Hour” on it anywhere, there are DJCH clips (some of which you’re already familiar with) in it, because it’s based on Dan and my actual childhoods, if only loosely.  Also, Maury Povich gets a credit.  That kinda seals the deal.

Allen had almost no time to prepare and, while the film is entirely improvised, he still became the glue of the whole project.  Without his character, the story doesn’t make sense, and without his sincerity, the character was written very blandly.  Also, Dan’s pretty good in it, too.

Pretty sure this is our longest episode, also, so enjoy this two-hour-plus romp through our brains and the process of making this film, which you can watch for free below.

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