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Episode 55 – The Golden Hour


Dan and Jay talk about the one completed actual sketch that would have ended up on their planned 2002 album, “Jenny is a Slute.”  The sketch is called “Tea,” and is about a husband and wife, both played by Jay.   They also talk about the presents Dan got Jay for his birthday, and a podcast by a former sitcom star. Continue reading “Episode 55 – The Golden Hour”

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Episode 54 – The Unspoken Leprechaun


This week, Dan and Jay talk about the second of their trips to Cooperstown and Milford, New York.  For five years, they recorded their mini-trips in various formats, and in 1999, they took some pictures to accompany their crappy dictaphone.  We’ve uploaded the first two as videos to our YouTube channel, and you can find the subject of this week’s podcast below.

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Episode 53 – Dan’s Berfday


This episode was recorded on Dan’s actual birthday so that Jay and Ari could tell Dan what his big birthday present is.  Jay also decides to blow the lid on a present he refuses to let Dan open.  The video we discuss is Dan’s 20th birthday cartoon, part of an entire tape Jay made for Dan to celebrate his birthday at his surprise party, that year.  Also, yes, the homophobia is ironic, especially given the nicknames Dan and Jay would frequently be pelted with at school.

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Episode 52 – Geddy Claus


This week, Dan and Jay talk about being possibly the only two humans to ever actually take advantage of the “mosaic” setting on their VHS camera for any creative means, as well as rock operas and Geddy Lee’s place as Canada’s Santa Claus.

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