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Episode 59 – Steam Dan


This week, things get weird when Jason has to take two calls in the middle of the episode.  A few things get straightened out about Dan’s temporal relationship to Jay, himself, and steam.
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Episode 58 – The Mucusless Whittinghill


This week, Dan and Jay discuss a track from Jay’s first birthday CD to Dan, in 2001.  That CD?  “Dannel Gomiller: Man of Juicy Texture.”  That track?  Well, let’s just say Jay feels challenged to explain his… accent work.  And yes, that’s a LEGO Jacuzzi Jay’s holding. Continue reading “Episode 58 – The Mucusless Whittinghill”

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Episode 57 – No Trash Can


This week, Dan and Jay talk about the televised funeral of Wedgie, and then veer unavoidably into talking about urine again, somehow.

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Episode 56 – The Cat Urine Years


Dan and Jay return, this week, to the land of VHS.  Since tape 2 is a cluttered mess, they’ve skipped to VHS tape number 3, in which Jay auditions for a Synthetic Cheese commercial along with other unnamed friends, and Gribnish, a new addition to the DJCH family.  Also, Dan tells another childhood story, so that already puts this episode in Top 5 status.
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