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Jay Likes to Watch… Hatoful Boyfriend

In this episode of Jay Likes To Watch, Dan and Jay help each other fulfill their resolutions to go back to school and make more friends.  They achieve this goal by playing Hatoful Boyfriend, a Japanese dating sim with a… unique… twist.  ENJOY!

 GAME Hatoful Boyfriend RELEASED September 4, 2014
DEVELOPER Mediatonic, Hato MoaThe Irregular Corporation WHERE TO BUY Steam, Humble StoreApple Store, Android Store
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JLTW BONUS! “I Love To Laugh”

Just a bit of fun with a physics glitch in Skyrim Special Edition.

GAME Skyrim Special Edition RELEASED Oct 27, 2016
DEVELOPER Bethesda Game Studios WHERE TO BUY Steam, Humble Store, Amazon
OS/CONSOLE Windows, XBOne, PS4