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Jay Likes to Watch… Saints Row IV: How The Saints Save Christmas

In this episode of Jay Likes To Watch, Dan and Jay celebrate Christmas right by murdering gingerbread men and shooting their eyes out with BB Guns!

Sit back.  Relax.  And Pee-Dance your way through Saints Row IV:  How The Saints Save Christmas.

 GAME Saints Row IV RELEASED January 20, 2013
DEVELOPER Volition WHERE TO BUY Steam, Humble Store, Amazon
OS/CONSOLE Windows, SteamOS/Linux, PS4, PS3, XBone,Xbox360
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Jay Likes To Watch… Spermination

This week we’re introducing a brand new Eyeball Show (colloquially known as a”Video Series”).  Jay Likes To Watch is a YouTube show where, much like when they were 13, Dan plays video games and Jay watches while commenting on it.

This week Dan Introduces Jay to a little game named Spermination, where you fly your Spermship and shoot down other Spermships in an attempt to get to the Eggstation first.

 GAME Spermination RELEASED Apr 29, 2015
DEVELOPER Phr00t’s Software WHERE TO BUY Steam
OS/CONSOLE Windows, MacOS, SteamOS/Linux