The Synthetic Cheese Dan and Jay’s Comedy Hour Premieres

After finding success in radio, Dan and Jay’s Comedy Hour pitched a sketch comedy series to The Crosley Network.  They passed on the program until Dan and Jay announced that they had found a corporate sponsor, the product Synthetic Cheese, a wartime staple so ubiquitous it was, for a period, quite literally illegal to refuse anything sponsored by Synthetic Cheese.  The corporation had supported the group now for a few generations, and continued with the advent of television.  The program was primarily sketch and improv comedy, with occasional interviews of people from the audience, as well “Messages from Beyond,” purported “Interdimensional Messages” from other universes.  These were often played off to as though Dan and Jay were caught off guard and, while they do not appear in the original scripts, they are believed to have been initiated by other Dan and Jay cohorts who made arrangements with the crew to appear on monitors, mid-sketch.

Author: Jay