Dan and Jay: Those Hilarious Two! Begin Production on “The Inquisitive Florist”

Already concerned at the increasing trend of comedy toward commerce over art, Dan and Jay began work on a one-of-a-kind comedy cylinder entitled “The Inquisitive Florist.”  The writing and recording process took several months, much longer than the typical 29 minutes of setup needed for the average comedy cylinder.  The cylinder could not be sold or otherwise made commercially available until 107 years after its sale, at auction.  The auction itself could not be set up until three years after Paloof and Manstuff had officially retired from the group.  The auction was held at the American Auction House in New York City in December of 1915, at which point it was secured by automobile manufacturer Henry Ford.

Nothing is known of the contents of the cylinder, the scripts, notes, and even sound effects props having been locked away until the same time as the cylinder is made available commercially.

Author: Jay