Dan and Jay Star in the First Sync-Sound Feature Film, “The Limelighters of Puskatingo County”

Due to their groundbreaking work in audio production, Dan and Jay were invited by Walt Disney to assist in developing the synchronized sound process for films.  They provided the test sounds for the original version of “Steamboat Willie,” and took the technology with them when producing their next feature film, The Limelighters of Puskatingo County, based loosely on their rube sketch featuring two farmhand characters who dreamed of being on Broadway, and find themselves having to replace Broadways biggest stars at the last minute.

Unfortunately, even with Billboard ads and posters featuring the eye-catching “Dan and Jay’s Comedy Hour Squeaks!” the non-verbal sounds of the film turned more people away than it did attract fans.  The film would be rediscovered in the 70s by college students with an unrelenting interest in old things.

Author: Jay