Dan and Jay Publish “A Performer’s Guide to Vaudeville, by Two Survivors of the Ill-Fated RMS Titanic, Upon Which They Performed (till nearly the bitter end), with Specific Tests and Material to Determine Your Fitness for Comedy”

Originally entitled “A Street-Bastard’s Guidance to the Money-Holler,” this classic guide to Vaudeville is noted for its almost delirious detail of classic acts and formats that any comedian could use, whether novice or expert.  Classic act formats included: The Patch and the Grump, The Reverend and the Biscuit-Farmer and The Blacksmith and the Boy Scout.  Among the classic sketches: “Fortuitous Clementine, Or: Bathing with Grandmother,” “Shepherd’s Bush,” “Fauntleroy’s Kidney Stone,” and, controversially, “No One,” thought to be an unusual, inside-theater criticism against the numerous sketches that would eventually be known best as “Who’s on First.”  The sketch would later be updated in the 1970s by the Dan and Jay B-Team.

Author: Jay